Lone Bodies

by Annabel Lee

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released March 4, 2012

Produced by Charlie Smith & Annabel Lee
Engineered, recorded & mixed by Charlie Smith at Studio Nels in Seattle, Washington (2011)
Assistant Engineering by Joel Stanner
Mastered by John McCaig at Panic Studios in Seattle, Washington
All songs written by Annabel Lee
Artwork and Album Design by Joseph Kohlhas



all rights reserved


Annabel Lee Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Unridden Road
The darkness fades away and slowly lets in light, a warm breeze tickles your skin the sun shines on. Your fingers turn to feathers your birdie flies, the stems they gracefully bend and wave you goodbye. Sweet golden space, the summer sun is in your face, let it in and feel free, drive until you reach the sea. The bluest blue of blues among the countless crowds of cumulus, a tiny speck of red forever pointing North and South and West, no weather could hold you back, what’s back but forward in the opposite direction, your baggage has all been packed and now there’s everywhere to go.
Track Name: Lone Bodies
Mouth unstoppable yet heart so breakable if only we had might we would quiet down, quiet down. But words encumber us like birds who feel they must be heard among the growing crowd or surely they would drown out, they would drown out. Fervent feathers that burn our tethers and leave us stark and bare, we’re hardly there. I am one body nobody’s somebody, would you like to be one body too? We are lone bodies together some bodies when there is no body then there is you. Skin so braceable but much, too much we will encase it for the night while we quiet down, quiet down. For touch reveals in us a lust that’s covered now in rust, it’s starting to decay while we drown it out, drown it out. Ardent fingers, a kiss that lingers and leaves us stark and bare, we’re hardly there. I am one body, a lone body.
Track Name: Bridges
Plant your roots here look to the East and feel the mountains over you, the icing on their peaks makes your knees weak so step aside into the view of sunny rays. From here there is everything a sight for city eyes, and bridges that connect you to the world that’s on the rise. Walk away from the city walk away, walk away from the city and find yourself lost. Now look the other way and tell me what you see. I see (I see) the sea (the sea!) I see the sea you see. Sky up above and sky below each depth is infinite, here so small I feel it all.
Track Name: Two Eyes
One eye is quiet and oh so shy, he’s lost in the darkness of this lonely night. And he’s crying for Daddy and he’s waiting for Mommy but nobody comes, no nobody comes. And my heart is aching, my love is waiting, where do your hands go when they’re not on me? The other eye says nothing, “don’t touch me I’m cool” and I’ll never, never, never, never be your fool. And he shows no remorse as I’m walking out the door and my feet grow heavy each step makes me weep. So let me know, just let me know if it’s time for me to go.
Track Name: Might Be The Last Time
Like our Father who went before we are called in to ancient war, and our Mother who he adored begs us not to go. A second guess met me at the door, when I realized that these two hands weren’t mine anymore, but I picked my tidy bags up off the floor and left in morning I could hardly say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. We marched on with the beating drum with our backs to the setting sun, we had learned what it means to run, tired to the bone. And loneliness crept up in the night and we laid like lovers forever intertwined, a silent new companion of mine who showed up every night we never had to say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Like the seasons, we’ve been changed, tossed down and rearranged, some have even forgot their names, some we’d never know. Might be the last time I get to say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
Track Name: Humans
With the bright golden sun in my eyes I couldn’t make it right, and that white fleet of sails close behind, they urge me not to fight, but what to do with all our humanness, how do we make such a mess, such a mess? Well the blue in the sky it caught me by surprise, oh what a beautiful sight. Standing there in all our humanness hoping this is for the best, for the best. Cause I’ve built fires in the night, in the night. But they won’t make it in this light, in this light. All the feelings I’d pushed aside were standing in a line, with their shovels and their picks I let them all inside. Carving me in all my humanness, how do we make such a mess, such a mess? Well this digging of a different kind came pouring through my eyes and I knew, yes I knew, that I would be just fine. Standing there in all my humanness, knowing this is for the best, for the best.
Track Name: Our Boat
Splinters from the benches in the boat you built for us, beautiful handed man you’ve handled this so beautifully. Said, “we should have a place to rest our feet, somewhere close to the sea.” You said I could come home, you’d be waiting there for me, yes I could come home to our house built by the sea. But piles collected at our feet as we stood like two tall tress waiting for winter. Our heavy arms were finally free and bare as could be we saw each other. You said I could come home, you’d be waiting there for me, yes I could come home to our house by the sea, yes I could come home, you’d be waiting there for me, you’d be waiting there for me. But somehow I ended up alone in our boat, drifting away from you, and over the waves I could still hear you say, I could still hear you, still hear you say. Splinters from the boat you built for us, you’re beautiful.
Track Name: Baby Blue
You came with your brilliant words you came with your gentle touch, you. You came into my life like a golden light, you. I saw all I needed to see; in your eyes they told me that I knew you from a different life. But goodbye baby, baby blue, I’m done waiting; I’m done waiting for you. Goodbye baby, baby blue, I’m done waiting for you. Wish I could have heard it from the start you weren’t ready to give me your heart. I got so caught up in having this great love that I lost sight of you and you faded into blue, you. Maybe someday down the line, I’ll see you and give you a big old smile. But for now let me say, goodbye.
Track Name: Raindrop Jam
We head out to harvest rain in glass jars, raindrop jam is what we’re calling it. Rules are: no coats, no to rain boots, puddles are for cheaters and you wouldn’t want to be a cheater. Never happier to see the storm clouds rolling in, soak us to the bone but that won’t keep us from collecting our raindrop jam. This could be the last pick of the season; it can’t always pour like this you know. Underneath the maple trees to catch the sweetest drops, fill our jars up to the brim and we’ll keep on collecting our raindrop jam.
Track Name: Feathered Friend
Red breasted, black feathered friend has flown south for the Winter Daphnes flowers may return, the fragrance that faded with the season. Who are we now a piece of something broken washed upon the Puget Sound, and who are the ones that we all called to blame on when the moon outshined the sun, you should know to wait until the morning light has come. White wing’d old feathered friend halt all your pretending, sail back to the sea cityscape, fall away from the forest.